15 Key Factors: What Affects Affordable Car Insurance Quotes?

The pricing of your affordable car insurance quotes depends upon your rating factor. The rating factor shows the traits of an individual. Type of vehicle, type of engine, or driving record is some of the rating factors that affect your affordable car insurance quotes. You will get cheaper car insurance quotes if your rating factors are less risky.

Before talking about the factors that affect affordable car insurance quotes, you should know that the pricing factors can differ a little bit from company to company. Here are the 15 factors that decide the pricing of your affordable car insurance quotes.

1. Your Driving History – Affordable Car Insurance Quotes

One of the major factors auto insurance companies use when determining your affordable car insurance quotes is your driving record.  Even non-fatal crashes are bad to have on your driving record.  Driving safely can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. According to Distraction.gov, which is the official US Government site for distracted driving, there are 3 main types of distractions which include visual, manual, and cognitive. Even having a conversation with other passengers can distract you from focusing on the road.

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Before you get affordable car insurance quotes, be sure to understand where your driving record stands.  Accidents do fall off your record over time as well as tickets and even some DUI’s.  But it’s important to note that the safer you drive, the less likely you are to be in an accident and pay higher car insurance rates. Not to mention you may save lives, including your own friends and family if you are consistently a very safe driver.  There are so many reasons to drive safe, and no good reason to risk it and distract yourself from paying constant attention to the road.

2. Driving Experience

Your driving experience also decides the premium that you have to pay for your car insurance. If you have more experience of driving on the road then there is less chance of any traffic violations or accidents. Hence, you can get cheaper and affordable car insurance quotes in comparison to any new or less experienced drivers.

3. Age Group

Young age drivers have a higher chance of meeting an accident than old age drivers. It is because the young age drivers are inexperienced. If you are less than 25 years old then you will have to pay high premiums for your car insurance quotes. The cost gap of car insurance that a teenage driver pays and an old age driver pays is nearly $6000 per annum. Drivers age more than 64 years are entitled to pay high premiums.

4. Your Degrees/ Education

According to the understandings of Insurance companies and insurers, educated people or people with more knowledge do not file more claims. This is why drivers who pursue graduation or master’s degree or equivalent enjoy affordable car insurance quotes with lower premiums. This factor is not applicable in all states of the USA. Some states are stopping this practice.

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5. Gender

If you are living in the USA then you can be charged higher and different rates depending upon your gender. The males are charged higher rates when they are young and less at their old age. Females are charged lower rates at their young age and higher rates at their old age. However, there are also some states in the USA that are against this rule and do not allow insurers to differentiate on the basis of gender.

6. Your Location

Your rates of car insurance quotes depend upon your location where you live. Insurers decide rates on two levels of your location: the state you live in and your ZIP code. Different states of the USA have different regulations and these affect your average premiums for your car insurance quotes.

For example, average premium rates are higher in Michigan than in states like Maine. Average rates are higher in Michigan because there is a rule which makes it compulsory for all drivers to carry unlimited PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage. PIPs make the car insurance rates expensive in Michigan.

Now, car insurance rates also depend upon the ZIP code. Insurance companies adjust their rates upon some external reasons for each area. The ZIP codes that fall in areas prone to earthquakes, floods, crimes like theft and vandalism, wildfires, etc have higher rates for car insurance. Drivers who are in rural areas also pay lower rates than those who drive in cities.

7. Your Marital Status

Many big insurance companies charge lower rates for car insurance quotes from married drivers in comparison to drivers who are single, separated, or widows. Insurers do this to ease the burden of married drivers. This totally depends on insurance companies but still, it is one of the factors that affect affordable car insurance quotes.

8. Your Credibility

Credibility is among the most important ranking factors that can affect your car insurance quote. Credibility simply means how often you pay your dues and EMI. How many claims do you file? Research says that drivers with low credibility or credit scores file more claims than drivers with good credit. Also, they (poor credibility drivers) file expensive claims. So if you want to get affordable car insurance quotes then make sure to pay your bills and EMI on time to maintain a good credit score.

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Some insurance companies use credit-based insurance scores in many states in the USA. This score is not similar to your credit score, however, your credit score works as an indicator for your credit-based insurance score. Some states like Michigan, Washington, California prohibited the use of credit scores at the time of taking car insurance quotes.

9. Your Insurance Record

It is very difficult to get affordable car insurance quotes with lower rates of premium if you are a new driver. It is just because the chance of meeting an accident is high. If you are an experienced driver then your previous insurance record will also play a major role. In the past, if you have failed to maintain continuity in your coverage then you may have to pay higher rates for your car insurance. If you want to maintain continuous coverage then non-owner car insurance can be a good choice.

10. Insurance Claims Record & Coverage Numbers

Have you noticed it or not but your insurance rates get higher at the next renewal after you have made a claim to your insurers. As per our research, if you met an accident recently and you renewed your insurance policy, you may have to pay 50% more in case you want full coverage. Some car insurance companies do not charge you higher rates and forgive your first at-fault accident.

If you want affordable car insurance then reduce the number of coverage you own. You have to pay high premiums if you own more insurance. It is because if you own more coverage then your insurers have to pay a higher price for the claims. If you reduce the number of coverages, you can save $1000 per year on your premiums.

11. Type Of Questions You Asked

Asking your common queries about car insurance policy ad its coverage can make you pay high premiums. It is because insurance companies make a record of questions you ask and frame your insurance quotes accordingly. If you want lower rates for car insurance quotes then do not ask questions about accident claims, repair costs, etc. It will be always a wise idea to look for it in the declaration paper of insurance companies.

12. Type Of Car & Ownership

The rates of car insurance quotes depend upon the type of claims clients with the same car model made. The rates for a sports car are always higher than the normal car. It is because the companies have to pay a higher price for drivers who do rash driving. Factors like repair and maintenance cost, theft average, and damage it can make to other cars. You can not expect lower rates of car insurance quotes for premium and sports cars.

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According to Insurance companies, the ownership of cars is categorized into three types: Owned, Financed, or Leased. The rates and premiums vary according to the ownership of the car. If you plan to get insurance for your car that you lease or finance then it will cost you higher as compared to an owned vehicle. It is because your finance company will insist upon buying you more coverage like collision and comprehensive coverage. You may also get bound to buy gap insurance ( Car price – Amount You Owe) to maintain low deductibles.

13. Trim Level & Safety Features Of Your Car

Extra features in the top model of the same car-like audio setup, lane cameras, sensors, etc can cost you high premiums because insurers have to pay more price for the repair costs. This is why premiums for the top model of the same car increases as compared to the base model of the same car.

Whereas if your vehicle qualifies in the safety check of insurance companies then you can enjoy the discount on premiums you have to pay. But after discount on premiums, you have to pay high premiums still because of the high cost in the repair of high-tech safety gadgets that were used in the car.

14. Insurance Company & Your Loyalty

An insurance company that you select for your coverage is an essential key to get affordable car insurance quotes. Different insurance companies have different rates. If your insurance companies are expensive then you have to pay high premiums. If you are renewing your insurance with the existing insurance company for years then you may have to pay lower rates of premium for your car insurance. It is because many companies give rewards to their loyal clients in the form of lower premiums. 

15. Discounts You Ask

Whether you are taking a new car insurance quote or renewing your policy, don’t forget to ask your insurers for some discounts. If your rating is good then you will be able to enjoy some discounts on your insurance quotes based upon your location and company. 


These are the 15 key factors that affect your affordable car insurance quotes. If you follow the suggestions above and do not make any fault then you can get affordable car insurance quotes. When buying car insurance from any insurance companies always read and understand the coverage that it provides to you. Choose your car insurance policy wisely. 

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